A Great Team

All The Best Stores Have Brilliant Beginnings

It all began at the turn of the new millineual while Tina and Anna were working in Europe. They loved the prevalence of stores that were run by dedicated, knowledgable and stylish owners who loved their niche. Tina thought that she too needed to flex her genius and they decided that Harvey Bay was the perfect spot to open her new store Outdoor Design & Living, oh and get to see the folks, enjoy the fantastic lifestyle and co-parent the most beautiful dacshund Pearl.

So began years of perfecting suppliers of the best outdoor furniture, learning which materials do what, experimenting with different looks and styles and the all round look of perfection.

The rest, as they say, is history.

All The Best Stores Have Great People

Working with Tina is Anna, Leesa and last but not least the girls - Pearl and Molly.  Leesa is the sales person extrodinaire, helpful, friendly and knowledgable (customers just love her). Anna works in the warehouse building and making sure that your outdoor furniture is delivered perfectly to you, built and ready to use.